Sunday, December 9, 2012

We Are Back... Brand New & Live DJ Joe D Show- Today-Sunday December 9 @ 10AM EST on The Glow Radio!

It is a brand new and live edition of the DJ Joe D Show ...on the air today---Sunday December 9, 2012!

Our live show will come to you today--worldwide-- starting at 10AM Eastern Standard Time on The Glow Radio:   

We are on the air today right through to 12 noon EST! 

The Glow Radio is 100% online and broadcasting---you need to choose the station from one of choices found on the right side of the page---there are many option to listen to choose from!

If you want to listen on your mobile device or are some sites you can can either go directly to these sites via your device or download a simple app to let you access the DJ Joe D Show and The Glow Radio:

Shoutcast Radio:

Typically, the musical focus of the show each week is the many popular styles and genres found in the era starting with 1970 and fast forwarding right through until today.

Today, you will hear literally dozens of songs during our two hour show, including stuff from Styx, Tears For Fears, Led Zeppelin and Queen amongst many many more!

As always...each week we have DJ Whitney with her Springsteen Minute, DJ MSox with his Sunday Morning Sports Report, our Novelty & Canadian Content Songs of The Week and two classic cuts pulled off of a classic album!

So join us today for the DJ Joe D Show!  See you all @ 10AM EST for the brand new and live show! 

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