Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Encore Replay of a vintage edition of the DJ Joe D Show--Today--Wednesday February 20--Beginning @ 5PM EST on The Glow Radio

We had no live show this past we will be playing an encore replay today...Wednesday February 20...of a vintage edition of the world-famous DJ Joe D Show.  Today, we head back into the vaults and we will be replaying the DJ Joe D Show from Sunday February 12, 2012!

We get underway @ 5PM EST on the Glow Radio!

Tune In Here: The DJ Joe D Show--The Glow Radio:

Mobile or Tablet Listeners: head over to either the Tune In or Shoutcast sites: ( or where you can download a mobile app to listen on the go!

Station is also found on Windows Media ( or the iTunes sites...under Classic Rock stations in their respective Internet Radio station directories.

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